• 2013 Band of Veterans Capability’s https://www.vip.vetbiz.gov/Public/Search/ViewSearchResults.aspx?SCID=1484541


• 2012 Completion of Global Express 6000 Montreal Canada.


• 2012 Completion of G-550 #5251 Long Beach California.


• 1994 to 2013 Story of how the Stealth technology was invented.


• 2002 Dream Works Film, Catch Me If You Can: Budget $135,000. Provided DC-8 aircraft with forward interior and galley.


• 2000 The Perfect Storm: Provided HH-60 Helicopter.


• 1997 Air Force One: Technical advisor.


• 1991 to 1995 Still Imaging for NFL Property’s & PP&K while shooting for NY Giants, SF 49ers, LA Rams, & LA Raiders Regular season & Play-offs.


• 1995 Lectured in the Former Soviet Union, The Gromov Flight Research Institute, located in Zhukovsky Russia.


• 1992 Director of Photography: Air Force Thunder Birds Film.


• 1990 Department of Defense funded Fliteline Aerospace with a budget of $1.000000. Provided visual documentation for Test and Evaluation program to include F-117/B-2. Fliteline Photography assembled a 5 man crew with an aerial camera system installed in a Learjet 25. Developed flight profile programs with DoD, AFFTC & NASA Ames Dryden, to best achieve parody with aircraft we flew against. By documenting these tasking’s per-project, step phases for each was then allocated to its next budget Plato. The results help to continue its working envelope.


• 1993 Fliteline Aerospace was rated the number one aerial photographic contractor in the nation by DoD.• 1985 Change Company Name Fliteline Aerospace from Fliteline Photography.


• Specializing as a technical adviser for Military aviation for feature films.


• 1985 Cameraman and Lab Technician Flight Test Center Edwards AFB.


• 1978 The Right Stuff: The Ladd Company, Budget $140.000. Built all the Static props, Bell X-1, X-1-A, X-15, Gemini Space Capsules, from Tom Wolf’s novel.

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